Hagemeister Hauling is your full service demolition company. From the first stud down to sweeping up the last bit of dust and hauling it all away let Hagemeister handle your next demolition project. We work inside and outdoors all year round demolishing structures, gutting homes and taking care of concrete pads, plaster walls, stucco siding and more!Our team specializes in keeping the job site clean and safe. There is clear communication throughout the project with the customer.

Garage tear-downs are Hagemeister’s speciality. We can have your garage demolished and removed in a single day. If the concrete pad needs to go as well we can remove that, recycling the concrete and saving big money in the process. Depending on the structure we may even recycle parts of your garage, further saving money and reducing the environmental impact. This is what sets us apart form our competition.

We are a full service demolition company. Full service means we will pull the correct permits ahead of the demolition with the City or RM. We will arrange certified professionals to disconnect the utilities and properly shut them off before any work is started. Once the project is finished we will report the completion to the proper authorities making sure everything is done correctly, each step of the way.

Demolition Process
  1. Call Hagemeister to receive a ball park quote and / or schedule a site visit.
  2. We will look at the project in person, take our measurements and asses the location. Then submit a written quote.
  3. Book in the project date and obtain all necessary permits.
  4. Complete demolition and clean-up.


From a single car garage to a garage the size of your house! Hagemeister has done it all. We will visit your garage, measure and provide an all in quote for demolition and removal of the structure. Pulling permits and disconnecting utilities are all handled as well ahead of time.

Our Skid steer beginning demolition on an old garage
Before picture of an old garage
A old garage after being torn down
A perfectly cleaned up site after demolition an old garage and removing the debris
Our skid steer pulling into a garage to be demolished


Big or small shed. Tin or wood shed. It’s all in a days work for the Hagemeister Hauling Crew. Let us book in your shed clean-out, teardown and haul-away today.

An old decrepid shed
Our team demolishing an old shed
An after shot after demolishing an old shed
An old shed about to be torn down
The remains after demolishing shed

Decks & Fence

Hagemeister can complete your deck or fence demolition regardless of size. Concrete decks as well. We will pull the posts and contents out of the ground leaving a safe space without any surprises hiding underneath the soil. In some cases the entire fence can be recycled further saving the customer money.

A skidsteer loading a 20 yard bin with debris from a demolished deck

Concrete Pads & Steps

It’s all about the right tool for the job in concrete removal and we’ve used them all. Let our team book in your next Pad removal or steps removal today. We will be careful to compete the demolition process and not damage your existing property. Call for your free quote today!

A skidsteer breaking a concrete pad


Leave the dirty work to the Hagemeister Hauling crew. We can prepare your home with poly and ram-board, gut your kitchen and recycle.

A before shot of a kitchen to be demolished
An after shot of a demolished kitchen


Full basement guts, stripping of vinyl and carpet flooring, removing the old wet bar. We will remove your old wood panelling, wood panelling and more wood panelling. Let us climb the stairs while you relax and plan the new basement.

A before shot of an old basement
Basement mid demolition
Basement nicely cleaned up after dmolition

Our Junk Journey

Hauling with a mini van is not reccomended but that's how Hagemeister got it's start! Growing from a team of two students in 2011 to a crew of 5 employees by 2017 Hagemeister Hauling has been a small business success story. Click below to learn more!

Give Us A Shout

We value our customer and are always happy to talk trash! Have a question on a removal or need to know where to dispose of something correctly? Give us a call, text or e-mail today. Hagemeister is always available to help with your junk removal needs 7 days a week.